The Importance of Timely Chimney Repair in Long Island NY

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Nothing beats the comfort of using the fireplace during a cool evening. In order to make sure those evenings are all they can be, it helps to make sure the chimney is in proper working order. An annual inspection will determine if there is any need for chimney repair in Long Island NY, and ensure that the fireplace can be used without any worries for the rest of that year.

When To Have the Inspection? A good rule of thumb is to have the annual inspection before the colder seasons arrive. Many homeowners find that during the latter part of summer is an ideal time. As summer wanes, the heat outside is a little easier to tolerate. This is good news, since the team inspecting the fireplace and chimney will need to move freely in and out of the house.

This is especially true if the homeowner is having the chimney cleaned at the same time. Along with making it more pleasant to have the house open during the inspection, opting for a late summer appointment also means there is time to address and complete any repairs that are necessary.

Once the inspection is complete, the technician can go over any issues found, including what needs to be done in order to resolve them. That will allow the homeowner to authorize the repair work and then find a date and time for the repairs that will fit into the schedule with ease.

By the time the first cool snap arrives, the chimney will be restored to full efficiency, and the fireplace can be used whenever desired. The team at US Chimney Long Island NY is ready to help with any chimney inspections and repairs in the summer and any other time of the year. An inspection can often be completed in an hour or two, depending on the number of chimneys and fireplaces in the home.

All it takes is a quick phone call and an expert will be on the way. If the inspection does indicate that some sort of repair is needed, don’t despair. Many types of basic chimney repair can be completed on the same day of the inspection. Visit for more details.

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