The effects of water damage

May, 2013 by

Water damage is one of the things that homeowners fear most, water damage in Schenectady can run into the thousands of dollars by damaging furniture, appliances, home electronics, clothing and the plumbing itself. Water damage is bad enough, but it can quickly sponsor the growth of mold, itself, a difficult and expensive removal task. The best thing to do is hire a company that offers restoration from water damage in Schenectady, making the clean-up process faster, easier and better.

The causes of water damage:

There are many reasons for flooding, a leaking dishwasher, clogged drain or toilet, broken pipe, leaking roof and cracks in the building foundation are just a few of the more common reasons. Natural causes such as floods, heavy snow and torrential rains can also bring on water damage Schenectady. Once the home has been subjected to a flood, the clean-up must start as soon as possible, the quicker the clean-up commences, the better the chances of saving household effects.

Water damage categories:

When a home is flooded, there are specific categories of flooding; these categories determine how the clean-up will be done.

* Category 1: This is where the water is clean; the source could be from any appliance or perhaps an overflowed sink.

* Category 2: This refers to water which is contaminated and may cause illness if ingested; this water is referred to as “grey” water.

* Category 3: This water contains micro-organisms as well as bacteria and is unsanitary. The source of category 3 water is usually sewage; this water is called “black” water.

Just as there are classifications for the water, there are also categories for the damage. Class 1 damage is where very little water has been absorbed and cleaning up is simple. Class 2 damage has a rapid rate of evaporation which means that rigs and carpeting may be damaged, repair is more difficult. Class 3 damage means the rate of evaporation is the fastest, water may be pouring in from a broken sprinkler head or a broken pipe, soaking the walls, floor, furniture, etc. Class 4 damage calls for complete restoration and rehabilitation and may call for structural modifications.

Restoration process:

When professionals are brought in to tackle the problem, the chances of saving cherished mementos, important documents and perhaps even having the home condemned can be expected. The success of water damage restoration Schenectady depends on how much water got in and what kind of water it was. These companies usually employee staff who are experts at assessing the property and determining a course of action to remove the water and begin restoration. Many of these companies employee very high-tech equipment and follow highly disciplined procedures to control the damage.