The Ecological Advantages of New Windows and Doors

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Once upon a time there was an old house that had very drafty windows and doors. The house was creaky and tumbledown, until one day a family bought it. The family decided to make the house very modern and they started by removing the windows and doors and fitting new, energy efficient replacements. The house became a little warmer and little more homely. Then, they decided to replace all the creaky floor boards with under-floor heating and the house was even more lovely to live in. After that, they replaced the roof and fitted solar panels, as well as firm and new loft insulation. The house was almost a dream home, but there were still a few things to do.

The family then decorated the inside, along with adding a recycling unit for their grey water and an energy efficient water heater and appliances. They then fitted a natural gas fireplace in the living room and brand new fire doors in all the rooms. Then, they stood back and thought it was beautiful. Their home was complete.

The Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is that with the planet needing help in sustaining natural energy and with the constant rising cost of bills, we need to do something to help our costs stay low and our homes stay warm and cozy. As we become more aware of the need to clean the air of pollution and use sustainable energy and fuels we learn to educate ourselves on the benefits of such appliances and techniques. Many people are now heading toward solar power as one form of sustainable energy and others are sealing cracks, fixing leaks and fitting more eco-friendly fixtures both inside and outside their homes.

Fitting new windows and doors can help to reduce the heat loss from your home and keep it warmer. Imagine the old creaky house with the drafty windows and you will also imagine that the central heating would have to be up very high to compensate for the loss of heat. Therefore, the fuel bills will be expensive and extremely unsustainable. It’s no different to throwing money down a drain. If you plan to make such changes in your home you can find double glazing in Gravesend, or any other part of the country, as well as all other necessary items needed.

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