The Different Methods For Teeth Whitening In Cedar Knolls

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains from the teeth that happen for a number of reasons, such as eating or drinking certain foods, smoking, or poor dental hygiene. Teeth whitening can be done by a dentist or at home. However, the best Teeth Whitening in Cedar Knolls is done by a dentist because they have the best equipment that will keep your teeth whiter and cleaner. So before you consider in-home teeth whitening products, understand how the teeth whitening products work is essential.

There are many different Teeth Whitening products in stores today. First, let’s discuss Professional Teeth Whitening Cedar Knolls. This method is exactly what it says – a professional or a dentist will help you choose the best product or teeth whitening method for your teeth. The dental work is done in the office and he or she will use a high dose of hydrogen peroxide to clean your teeth for the best results. Results are usually seen either instantly or in less than an hour. In-office teeth whitening is much more expensive than in-home for all the obvious reasons – a professional is performing the service. Your dental insurance will probably not cover this type of treatment since it is seen as cosmetic. Therefore, the downside of in-office teeth whitening is the cost.

Now let’s look at in-home teeth whitening. This can be done by purchasing the kits from your dentist or from a local store. The product is not as effective as what the dentist will provide in-office, and the results take longer, usually up to two weeks. The kits usually come with custom trays that keep the solution in a safe place. The main advantage of in-home teeth whitening is the cost. It is much less expensive. Again, dental insurance will not cover this treatment.

If you come across trouble with the kit you received from your dentist, contact them immediately. It’s best if you have access to an Emergency Dentist in case something does go wrong. The different kinds of teeth whitening products available in stores include strips, trays, and whitening toothpaste. The over-the-counter products will take considerably longer to whiten your teeth, if at all. However, they do cost considerably less though.