The Cremation Stonington Provides Many Services to Honor the Cremated Person

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Cremation is becoming more acceptable as a way of preparing the body of a loved one for burial. The process is handled with dignity and respect for the loved one. The family can receive the ashes for burial, but it is very acceptable to have a funeral service with the ashes present. All denominations have now accepted cremation as proper way to prepare the body for burial.

The Cremation Stonington process allows the family to have a dignified memorial service at a much lower cost than the cost of a traditional funeral. Some mourners believe that looking at a dressed body made up to look good is not helpful. They know what went into the care and preparation of the body for a casket burial, and to some it seems artificial. To others, it is the last chance to spend time with their loved one as they remembered them.

However, most families are with their loved one at the time of death and they are not as interested in a casket funeral. It is possible for those families who want the body cremated to have an open casket. It also accomplishes the last viewing as the family remembered the loved one. The body is removed from the casket and then placed in the crematorium.

Cremation offers another benefit which is economy of space for burials and the lack of need for the care of the burial plot. The overall savings is an amount of money which should not be overlooked. The cremains can be placed in a number of very nice containers provided by Cremation Stonington. This honors the deceased as much as a nice casket would.

If the cremation service is private in North Stonington(CT) the immediate family may be able to view the body just before cremation without it being embalmed. This viewing is intended only for very close family members. Otherwise, the body must be embalmed. The Mystic Funeral Home LLC is very familiar with the legal processes.

The next of kin must authorize the cremation and it is helpful if the deceased has planned for this in their will. A lot of problems can be prevented if the funeral home does not have to search for a person authorized to approve the cremation.

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