The Cost of Transmission Repair in Jenison, MI Can Vary

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Auto Repair And Service

Getting Transmission repair in Jenison, MI can be fairly expensive. However, you could say the same is true for getting your transmission rebuilt as well. The unfortunate truth is that transmission work is arguably one of the most expensive jobs that automobile mechanics do. On average,Transmission repair in Jenison, MI can cost a vehicle owner anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000. If your vehicle was in a wreck having the transmission rebuilt can cost almost as much as just replacing it. If you happen to have a higher end transmission, it is going to cost you even more money.

If you are in the market for very basic transmission repair servers you should still expect to pay anywhere between one and two thousand dollars. This is true even if you have manual transmission and all the mechanic has to do is replace your clutch.

The price alone is enough to make most vehicle owners cringe and run away. However, there are things you can do to save a little money when it comes to transmission repair services. First of all, there is no reason why you have to buy a brand new transmission to have it put in your car. You can save tons of money by purchasing a used one or one that has been remanufactured.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining how much you are going to be charged for the transmission work on your vehicle. The first factor is how much work the job is going to require the mechanic. In other words, this just means the worse shape your vehicle is the bigger your bill is going to be. Few small repairs and changing your fluids is only going to cost you a few hundred dollars.

The mechanic is also going to consider the make and model of your vehicle when determining the price. The unfortunate truth is that some vehicles are built in a way that makes them easier to work on. Obviously, you have no control over that; however, it will help determine how much the mechanic is going to charge you for the repair job. You can learn more about transmission services at

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