The Benefits of Installing Air Cleaners in Greeley, CO

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The Benefits of Installing Air Cleaners in Greeley, CO

Some homeowners wonder why they would need to have an air cleaner in their home when their heating or cooling system already contains a filter. What they do not realize is that an air cleaner is what will benefit them and the other residents of the home. The air filter is designed to reduce the debris that can enter the furnace or AC. Filters remove dust, dirt and pet hair that circulates where the air intake is located. It captures these items and stops them from entering the HVAC system. Filters need to be replaced or cleaned regularly to remove these items and ensure the air is able to circulate correctly.

By installing Air Cleaners Greeley CO homeowners are doing something to make breathing a little easier. Filters only capture large particles that could be a clogging hazard inside the furnace or AC. Air cleaners are able to remove smaller particles of material that are circulating through the interior air of the home. Pollen, dust and even some forms of bacteria and viruses can be removed with an air cleaner.

Air cleaners also benefit heating and cooling systems too. They make the air circulating in the home even cleaner, so there is less debris of any type entering the system. The effectiveness of air cleaners will depend on the brand and quality of the equipment being installed. Some will remove as much as 90 percent of the particles in the air, possibly more.

Using Air Cleaners Greeley CO homeowners can eliminate some respiratory irritants and reduce the spread of colds and possibly some form of flu viruses. It makes the home more comfortable for people with allergies and asthma because pet dander and pollen are removed. What they cannot do is eradicate the pollutants like fumes from paint, cleaning products or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in carpeting and padding for carpets. These need to be ventilated from the home because they cannot be purified.

Contact an HVAC company like Advanced Comfort to learn more about filtering and purifying. When done correctly it can protect heating and cooling systems and make homes more comfortable for everyone. They can inspect a home to prepare an estimate based on the needs of each homeowner.

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