The Benefits of Having New Double Glazing

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

New double glazing can bring many benefits to your home. Not only can it improve the look of the exterior of your home, but it can also reduce your energy bills by a considerable amount. Also, if you ever plan to sell your home double glazing can certainly improve the value too. It’s pretty much a win-win situation all around and while the cost may be initially high in terms of expenditure, the overall savings can be well worth paying the money.

Properties of Heat Insulation

Insulation is measured by its effectiveness if heat resistance, based on the ratings that are acceptable in the making of double or triple glazed windows. Most spacers inside the double or triple glazed windows contain some kind of gas, usually argon gas, which insulates the two or three panes of glass from receiving outside resistance. In the UK, the generally accepted type of glazing is double glazing, based on the average temperature throughout the year. In places like Alaska, it is not uncommon to see quadruple glazing, owing to the lower temperatures that Alaska suffers during winter.

Another benefit of double glazing is mitigation of outside noises that can interfere with your everyday peaceful living circumstances. Having single glazed windows can allow too much exterior noise from planes, trains, buses, lorries and general traffic. However, double glazing can indeed mitigate more of this noise than single glazed windows. Much of the double glazing can affect acoustics in different ways and usually sound dampening materials are constructed from laminated glass, using varied thicknesses of glass and the inside layer.

Most double glazing has a longer shelf life than wooden glazed windows because of the materials used. uPVC has a longer life than wood because it is totally weather resistant, whereas wood will eventually deteriorate. Heavy temperature changes can affect wood for more seriously than uPVC because wood can warp, get soaked and split, despite being treated beforehand. Atmospheric pressure changes can also affect wood in a negative way in comparison with uPVC windows and doors. People who have double glazed windows in Esher, Surrey, might find that they lose less heat than those based in the north of England, where temperature averages are lower for the year. However, they may also find that they lose more heat, dependent on the manufacturing quality of the double glazing they install.

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