The Benefits of a Central Vacuum in Cleveland TN

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

vac_pics_stealth_(8)-1One of the most dreaded household chores is running the vacuum cleaner over the floors in your home. Lugging a vacuum cleaner, even the lightweight models, is a challenge without adding the bending, lifting and dragging of the machine you have to endure. Do not forget about having to empty the debris storage container which can make a mess you have to vacuum if you are not careful. If you are weary from using a vacuum cleaner that is a chore to use, consider choosing a Central Vacuum in Cleveland, TN for your home. Here are some of the benefits of having a central vacuum system installed.

Quiet Operation

Central vacuuming systems are quiet since the motor is in a central unit where you cannot hear it running in most cases. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, you can listen to the radio at a reasonable level, watch television, hear your phone ring, or hear the baby wake up from her nap with this quiet housecleaning solution.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Allergens, dust mites, animal excrement, and other contaminates are concerns inside homes. Conventional vacuum cleaners, even those with HEPA technology, blow back some level of dust and debris when in operation. Central Vacuum in Cleveland, TN systems do not leave behind dust and allergens. They can even reduce the amount of the fine particles that get exhausted into your home’s environment. It is a virtually dust-free solution.

Deep Cleaning

One thing you can count on with a central vacuuming system is that you will get a deep, down clean. The motors in these systems can be as much as three times stronger than the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner. You will not experience suction loss and you will get to the dirt and debris deep down inside your carpet and on bare floor surfaces.

While a central vacuum system costs more, it is a smart investment for your home. It improves your home’s value, it is versatile, and they are easy to operate. If you are tired of dragging around what you call a portable vacuum cleaner, consider looking into a central vacuum system for your home. Aphoenix Systems has quality products and services for central vacuuming systems. You can find out more about this company and their products and services at

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