The Advantages of Having a Central Vacuum in Cleveland, TN

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

In past decades, most people cleaned their floors and carpets with portable vacuum cleaners, which in many cases aren’t all that portable. These units can be heavy and awkward, and it can be almost impossible to clean stairs with most models, unless they have special attachments for this purpose. One way to eliminate these problems and still have clean carpets is to have a central vac system installed in the home. There are many advantages to having one of these systems in a home, including the fact that it can raise the resale value by as much as $3,000, and can cost as little as $700 to install.

When one has a central vacuum in Cleveland, TN, they have outlets in various rooms throughout the home. The main unit is installed outside the home, and hoses, which are usually about 30 feet in length, are connected to the outlets. Because the hoses are so long, it is not always necessary to have outlets in every room. As soon as the hose is plugged into the outlet, the vacuum starts to work, and it shuts off as soon as the hose is unplugged. Because the main unit with the motor is outside the home, there is no noise, so people can even vacuum while others are trying to sleep.

Another advantage to using a central vacuum in Cleveland, TN is the fact that it helps to cut down on allergens in the home. Using one of these systems can help eliminate a lot more dirt and dust than using a portable vacuum because they have more suction power. In fact, central vacs can eliminate as much as 99% of all dust allergens. Central vacs also do not create dust as portable vacuum cleaners often do. There are no bags to change, and nothing to clean up after using the vacuum.

For those who are conscious about the environment, a central vacuum in Cleveland, TN is an ideal option. They are environmentally friendly, and no waste is produced. The tank holds five gallons, and the bucket only needs to be emptied two to three times per year. To learn more about having a system installed, contact Aphoenix Systems.

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