The Air That You Breathe In Knoxville, Tennessee

April, 2014 by

It does not matter where you live; who you are; or what you do; you will not be doing it for long without air to breathe. Furthermore; while it is possible for you to survive on poor quality or even reduced amounts of air; this is most likely to have bad results on your health which will probably lead to premature death if your air quality is not returned to normal quite quickly.


In many parts of the US; we read about severe air pollution problems and the health hazards involved if we don’t clean up our act; fortunately, the worst offenders have been dealt with and the overall situation; while not perfect, is improving.

The Air Outside Is Improving; But What About Inside Our Homes?

In Knoxville, most (if not all) of us are fortunate enough to have the luxury of artificial climate control within our homes; probably at our workplaces as well and; definitely in public places, such as malls, movie theaters and restaurants. In winter, heating systems keep us warm indoors without having to resort to thick clothing; while in summer; air conditioning turns our indoor climate into one of comfortable coolness. The indoor heat and air in Knoxville, TN is widely managed for temperature; we make it not too cold (but not too warm either) in winter and “just right”; but, not too cold in summer.

This is done by passing the inside air through heating or air conditioning machines that apply the desired temperature adjustments and blow the air back into the building. When we breathe in air; we do so in order to extract oxygen from it and this is what keeps us alive; our lungs take in the oxygen and exhaust carbon dioxide; fortunately, we do not extract all the oxygen in one breath. This means that we can recycle our exhaled air several times; but obviously not that often; therefore, the air that we recycle through the equipment for indoor heat and air in Knoxville, TN needs continuously “topping-up” with fresh air from outside.

Bugs & Impurities

People breathe out any germs or viruses that are inside them and these can be picked up and passed around by the equipment for indoor heat and air in Knoxville, TN; so, it is essential that this equipment has adequate filtration and is regularly sanitized. It is known that the first outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease was caused by bacteria breeding on rubber gaskets within the cooling tower of a Philadelphia hotel’s air conditioning system – 29 legionnaires died. Good hygiene is important for the indoor heat and air in Knoxville, TN.

It is important that the equipment providing your indoor heat and air in Knoxville, TN is regularly maintained and that the air being circulated remains healthy to breathe. To keep safe; you should regularly call in experts like Cantrell’s Heat & Air.