The Advantages of Using Storm Doors in Washington, DC

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

People open and close their doors all day long, and rarely give a second thought to the actual doors and what they are really for. They are just doors, and they are there to keep people inside a home safe and warm. There are many different types of doors, including storm doors, which help to protect front and back doors and keep them from weathering. These doors can really be advantageous to home owners, and there are several good reasons why home owners should install them on their homes.

When home owners have storm doors in Washington, DC, they have a tool that is going to help them save money on their energy bills. One might be very surprised at how much money installing one of these doors can save. They are like having a layer of insulation between the outside and the front and/or back door. They block wind and cold air, allowing more heat to stay inside the home. Alternately, they help to keep homes cooler during the warm summer months. If the storm door has a screen window, the front and/or back door can be kept open, and a breeze will come in through the screen. This will help to cut down on the use of air conditioners, which can be expensive. Buy storm Doors in Washington, DC are nice to have in the summer is that while allowing the breeze to come into the house, they don’t allow bugs to enter.

Storm doors in Washington, DC also help provide an added level of safety for home owners. These doors lock, so that means if someone is trying to break in through the front or back door, they will have to get through two locked doors to do it. This can be a really good deterrent for a would-be burglar, because they won’t be able to get in and out of a home easily.

Doors from Master Seal Doors & Windows that are energy-efficient may qualify for tax credits. When home owners make certain improvements to their home that help make it more energy-efficient, they are entitled to a tax credit that covers ten percent of the cost of the door (hardware only).

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