The Advantages of Air Conditioning Tune-up Services

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

When was the last time that you had your air conditioner checked? Sure, it may have seemed to have worked OK last summer, but lots of things could have happened between cooling seasons. You don’t want to be left sweating if your air conditioner conks out when it is needed the most. Air Conditioning services that offer a pre-season and preventive maintenance are a wise investment for many reasons.

Over the many months that the Air Conditioning was not in use, a lot of dirt and dust most likely accumalted in the system. This is the worst enemy of air conditioning efficiency. The dirt clogs up the filter and other components that help to achieve good airflow. The free flow of air is crucial to the proper running condition of an air conditioner. Another thing may be that the duct work may also need cleaned. This doesn’t occur often, but it worth checking into. You don’t want a bunch of allergens, such as dirt and mold, spread into the home during the summer months.

Another common issue that is found after a long period of dormancy is the leakage of coolant. It doesn’t take much for a Freon leak to develop in the outside unit of an air conditioner. Just the tiniest of holes can allow the coolant to escape. Therefore, the unit will blow only warm air, or cool air that isn’t as cold as it should be. The leak can be easily spotted and repaired, and then the unit can be recharged. The outside compressor also needs to have any debris cleared away from it, and the air conditioner technician will be sure to check its fans and other components. Anything that is too worn will be replaced.

You need to consider that the cost of such services is small when compared to the costs of not having them done. Worn out and neglected parts are certainly more expensive to replace, so why not take the opportunity to keep them working as long as possible? Energy-efficiency is good for your wallet and the environment. Finally, when one considers the cost of replacing the system, it’s wise to get a few extra years of service.

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