Why Teeth Whitening in Villas is Such a Great Idea

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Teeth whitening is a very trendy subject in today’s society. There are techniques for in-home use and those that are professionally done, like at your local dentist’s office. The reason behind the huge jump is simple: People want a more attractive smile. Youthfulness, to be orally healthy; it’s all the same. The crucial first impression is a sustainable one. A visit to a dentist that specializes in Teeth Whitening in Villas could be your only hope in obtaining your goal of a beautiful smile. There are many causes for nasty stains:

*  Extrinsic stains:
*  Dyes from food and beverages penetrate tooth enamel. Coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes will leave the enamel darker and thus appear unsightly. Certain medications, such as antibiotics, can leave marks on the teeth, as well.
* Internal discoloration:
* Occur mainly in root-treated teeth. The decay creeps down to the tooth nerve or root filling, providing the noticeable darkening.

Here are some questions that are usually asked in reference to Teeth Whitening in Villas:

* What happens during the whitening process?
* Interior stains that cannot be removed by other methods are filtered using a whitening gel in a chemical process from the tooth. So, a significant whitening of teeth is achieved.
* Is the whitening gel harmful?
* No, the dosage, which is commonly used in in-office bleaching, caused when properly applied and adequately gum protection no damage.
* What should I consider before whitening?
* You should have a dental checkup first. Fillings or crowns cannot be whitened. Gingivitis or tooth decay must be excluded before the process. Then a professional cleaning can be done to repair the superficial discoloration.
* Are there any contraindications?
* Teeth Whitening in Villas should be from the age of fourteen years and up and not during pregnancy and lactation. Even people with very sensitive teeth should use caution.
* Is the treatment painful?
* 80 percent of those treated have no problems. For others, it may come within the first 24 hours in the form of increased sensitivity, but then disappears.

Finding the right dentist for you is imperative in this process. Many professionals do this sort of procedure on a regular basis while others rarely do them. It is necessary to do enough background research to see which dentist is perfect for your situation. If you have any questions concerning this or other issues, like Dental Implants. Read more.


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