Texas Couple Lose Possessions but Can Claim on Their Home Insurance

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A recent news story published in the Columbus Dispatch highlights why it’s important to have home owners Insurance in Austin TX in place to protect your belongings! Weird and wonderful things can and do happen; that’s just part of life, but by having adequate home insurance in place, you can rest assured that should anything strange happen, your belongings will be covered.

Home Foreclosure

Workers had been sent to empty a home 35 miles northeast of Austin, which was set for foreclosure. Instead of emptying the right property, they somehow mistakenly took a wedding dress, backhoe, 16-foot boat and love letters which were found in the barn of a neighbor. It’s not quite clear how this mistake happened, but when Janine and Mike Moors opened their barn to find $150,000 of their belongings missing, they were unimpressed and mystified!


Whilst the couple have home owners insurance, some of the belongings taken were priceless family heirlooms, such as Janine Moors’ wedding dress, and the couple have been left in the dark as to what happened to their possessions, with no idea if they have been sold at auction or put into storage.

Mistaken Identity

It seems like an odd mistake to make, considering that the barn where the goods were taken from is the only building on the premises – there are no other residential buildings there, apart from the neighbor’s property which is separated from the Moors’ barn by a fence. The Moors themselves live elsewhere, but had come to routinely check on the property when they noticed that someone had forced entry. Amongst the priceless items taken were ceramic figurines that belonged to a deceased relative as well as a century old trunk which belonged to Mr Moors’ grandfather.


Whilst the company who took the items mistakenly have reassured the family that they can claim under their insurance and be fully compensated for the value of their goods, there are some items that can never be replaced. Having Home Owners Insurance in Austin TX can protect you in all but the most unlikely situations which, unfortunately for the Moors family, this turned out to be.

Protect Yourself

You should always take out adequate home insurance to cover not only your building but also the cost of replacing your valuable possessions. Normally, in the event of a theft, your insurance policy will fully cover you, although in this unique case, it was more mistaken identity than outright crime which led to the removal of the family’s possessions. Home Owners insurance is vital to protect your home and belongings in the case of vandalism, theft, or natural disaster such as storms, floods or fire. Don’t leave things to chance and ensure that you are covered!


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