Teeth Whitening: Moorhead Dentists Offers Many Options

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It’s common for tetth to become stained or discolored if they’re not cared for properly. Coffee, tea and cigarettes can also cause teeth to develop a yellowish or brownish tint. Once teeth have become discolored, it can be hard to remove the stains with regular brushing and flossing. Fortunately, teeth whitening services are available. These procedures can give people a brighter smile again, which helps boost self-esteem and reduces self-consciousness. It’s important for people to find a qualified Teeth Whitening Moorhead dentist who offers a variety of options, so they can choose the procedure that best suits them.

One popular option for making teeth whiter is LED teeth whitening. This procedure is best used on light discoloration or mild stains. It provides a quick and relatively inexpensive way for people to have white teeth again. In most cases, the procedure takes about 20 minutes. People can have LED teeth whitening done on multiple occasions if teeth become discolored again or if the discoloration doesn’t respond to one or two sessions.

Zoom ACP is another type of teeth whitening procedure. It produces the most noticeable results that can last a long time if people take care of their teeth and avoid smoking or drinking beverages that can cause stains. Zoom ACP involves using a bleaching agent to get rid of stains, restore whiteness and strengthen tooth enamel. These sessions take about 45 minutes each. In some cases, people have increased tooth sensitivity for about 12 hours after treatment. Zoom ACP is considered highly effective, but it is also a bit more expensive than other types of whitening procedures. If you decide on this type, look for a highly skilled teeth whitening Moorhead dentist who offers it at a reasonable cost.

Most teeth whitening procedures are done in the dentist’s office, but there is an option for those who prefer to have it done at home. Dentists can provide professional teeth whitening trays for people to use at home. The trays are custom-made to fit comfortably over the teeth. Patients are given a special whitening gel that contains peroxide to help remove stains and make teeth white again. This type of whitening procedure typically takes about three to four weeks.


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