Teeth Whitening in Piscataway

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Would you like a brighter smile? Often, the first thing people notice about new people are their smiles. The Family Dentist has come a long way in the field of teeth whitening. Cutting edge treatments can give you a dazzlingly white smile as well as doing complete smile makeovers. Teeth Whitening Piscataway is easy and safe for your teeth.

LumaLite is a cutting edge treatment to whiten teeth. Using an LED light and a hydrogen peroxide gel, a LumaLite treatment takes less than an hour and noticeably whitens teeth with no heat. It comes with a panel for countdown for the patient as well as treating both upper and lower teeth at the same time.

Smile makeovers involve putting veneers over the teeth to make them look straight and white or using Invisalign trays to straighten the teeth over the course of a year. A smile makeover gives you the comfort to smile big and project the confidence a whole new mouth can give you.

Finding a dentist who can handle your emergency teeth issues is crucial. It is important to find one before you have a crisis rather than after your crown falls off. Emergency dentists should be available to you for same day service and be capable of fixing whatever the problem is. Using the crown analogy, a dentist should be able to deaden the nerve and put a new crown on the same day you lose your crown or the day after if the crown is lost after business hours. Your dentist should be able to fix chipped teeth, perform emergency root canals and fix broken dentures the same day.

Dental implants give you a permanent solution to missing teeth. They can be used for one tooth or a whole mouthful of teeth. They are meant to last a lifetime. They can also be used to stabilize dentures. Putting in one or two on the upper and lower jaw gives the dentures something to snap onto and makes them immovable.

Teeth Whitening Piscataway is one of the many services dental practices perform. The satisfaction of smiling into the mirror and seeing a whole new and beautiful smile is priceless.

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