Teeth Whitening in East Hanover Can Improve Your Smile and Your Self-Image

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Dentistry

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that makes a person feel good about their smile when their teeth are stained by any number of ways. Most people have teeth that can be whitened with the modern procedures available to the dentist. There are some teeth conditions that may make a patient think twice about having the procedure.

If your gums have receded to the point of exposing the roots of your teeth which are yellow or discolored, then whitening treatments will not make them whiter. If you have tooth decay, whitening may cause your teeth to be overly sensitive. If you have ceramic, porcelain crowns, or veneers, then whitening will not work. You should consult the dentist who is the Teeth Whitening in East Hanover specialist. This dentist can conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and advise you on whether whitening is advisable, and if it is, which whitening procedure would be appropriate.

The first and the most common type of vital tooth whitening utilizes a gel-like whitening product, and this is applied directly to the tooth surface. A form of hydrogen peroxide is usually found in this product. The whitening which is done in the office of the Teeth Whitening in East Hanover dentist uses a much more powerful whitening gel and a special light activates the gel causing it to act faster. The whitening done in the office may require 3 appointments of 30 to 90 minutes each. Click here for more.

Whitening may not last long if you continue to drink liquids that stain your teeth. It is a process that will last for a while, but then your teeth will start to change back to the color you thought you were rid of. A conversation with the Teeth Whitening in East Hanover dentist about the lasting potential of the whitening treatments is essential before you begin.

Another dental procedure you might consider is Dental Implants if you have a cosmetic issue because of missing teeth. A dental implant will result in the installation of a fabricated tooth which will look just like your other teeth. It is a three stage process involving the dental implant connecting directly to the jaw bone. A retaining screw is then inserted into the implant and an abutment connector is installed to which a crown is securely attached.


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