Teeth Whitening Can Give You A New Smile

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Teeth whitening in Charleston, WV are becoming very popular and a great number of people are opting for the treatment to enhance their smiles. Teeth whitening can not only whiten your teeth, it can completely change the way you smile and improve your self-esteem.

The active ingredient in teeth whitening products is peroxide; it opens the pores in the tooth enamel and whitens the underlying dentin, the second layer of the tooth. It may come as a surprise to some people to know that the top layer, the enamel actually is either clear or semi-translucent, tooth color is that which is given from the hue of the dentin. Teeth whitening compounds are available in different strengths; they can contain peroxide from 10 to 22 percent.

Not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening in Charleston, WV and as a result, anyone who is considering the treatment should consult with their dentist first. People who have had bonding done or if they have veneers are not good candidates because the teeth which have been worked on will not whiten but the ones in close proximity will, making the smile very odd looking. If your dentist has checked your teeth and confirms that you are a good candidate you now need to decide which method of whitening to opt for.

Professional in-office bleaching: This method offers the best results; it is accomplished in the dentist’s office and rarely takes more than an hour to complete. Although in-office bleaching is the most expensive method, it does offer the benefit of immediacy.

Trays and gels: Although this method is effective the disadvantage is the time, depending on the strength of the active peroxide ingredient it can take anywhere from three days to two weeks to see results. Trays and gels can be purchased from the dentist or they can be bought over the counter. Although they both work, there are some notable differences.

Kits that are purchased from the dentist produce much faster results because the peroxide percentage is higher than that found in OTC products. When you buy the gels and tray from the dentist, the dentist makes a custom fitted tray which fits your teeth exactly. Out of necessity OTC trays are generic in size; this may allow the bleach to contact your gums which can be quite painful.

Getting teeth whitening is best done at the dentist’s office.

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