Tasting A Part Of History With Specialty Scotch Online Nassau County NY

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Business

Many people love scotch, but do they know the history and tradition of scotch whiskey? First, Scottish whiskey is called scotch, and many people don’t realize that it is whiskey. Scotland protects the term, “scotch.” Therefore, if whiskey is labeled “scotch”, it has to be made in Scotland. Many scotch drinkers don’t realize the integrity of the process, that makes one of their favorite drinks.

There are two types of scotch whiskey, blended and single malt. Whiskey, made in Scotland, must be matured in oak casks for at least three years. Scotch does not age in bottles, like wine. Some high-quality scotch whiskys are aged for fifty years. Single malt scotch, say experts is the best whiskey in the world. Single malt whiskys are made at one distillery, and never mix with another whiskey. The minimum age for single malt scotch is eight to ten years. Word has it, the older the whiskey, the smoother the flavor. Blended whiskey is a blend of different whiskeys, made at different distilleries and mixed with a grain whiskey. There is an ongoing dispute between whiskey lovers as to which is better, single malt or blended whiskey.

Many people buy Specialty Scotch Online Nassau County NY. K&W Liquors carries some of the finest scotch in the world. They also sell wine and a variety of other whiskys and liquors. Scotch whiskey is made by grinding grains into a meal-like consistency, known as “grist”. The grist is put in a large mash tank, and mixed with hot water. This is the process known as “mashing”, when the grains become liquid sugar. The mixture is put into another tank to cool, and yeast is added for fermentation. Next, the distillation process or boiling, begins. Distilling the liquid causes the alcohol content to rise about 60 to 75 percent. Scotch is diluted to about 60 percent alcohol, and placed in oak casks to age. Caramel coloring is added to the scotch, before it’s bottled, to make it look richer. Many people thing the coloring gives scotch its unique taste and smell. The final product is usually between 80 to 190 proof. If you want to get a taste of history, try Specialty Scotch Online Nassau County NY.

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