Taking Legal Action with an Injury Lawyer Palatine

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you have been involved in a car accident and suffered serious injuries, you will want to rely on an injury lawyer Palatine to provide you with legal counsel,

The Plaintiff

As a person suffering the injury, you will be required to initiate the filing of a lawsuit. This will list the allegations and charges against the defendant do assist you in recovering your losses.

It is necessary, as the plaintiff that you are prepared to prove the defendant was at fault for the injury. A police report stating this fact would be of great help in proving your case.

The Defendant

Once the defendant receives the lawsuit, he or she must respond to it within the required amount of time or 30 days. It is legally required to provide a response within this amount of time to avoid the risk of losing the legal action.

The Discovery Process

One of the lengthiest parts of civil litigation involves the discovery process. There are four parts to discovery and these are listed below:

* Written interrogatories

* Deposition

* Request for production documents

* Request for admissions

The discovery process is created to learn the details of the accident and to prove who is legally wrong.

The Mediation

It is possible for a case to settle at mediation if both the plaintiff and defendant can agree on a settlement amount. There will be a mediator that will work between the parties involved in the dispute to settle the case. This is a neutral party that is solely there to work to negotiate a settlement amount.

If the case is settled it will be dismissed and there will be no further legal action that is required to be done. However, if an agreement is not reached during the course of mediation, the case will continue to court and will be tried by a jury or a judge.

Finally, by working with Therman Law Offices Palatine you can learn the details of involved in all aspects of a lawsuit. The more knowledge you have, the greater chance of winning your case.

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