Tackle a Hidden Budget Gremlin: Save Money on Auto Insurance in St Louis MO

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Many families are creating budgets as a way to reduce spending and save money. There are many benefits to creating and following a budget. A family can use a budget to get out of debt, save for future expenses, or simply to enjoy more of the money they earn. The first step in creating a budget is examining current expenses and finding ways in which those expenses can be reduced.

When they take a close look at their spending, many families focus on the areas of entertainment, groceries, and gasoline. These are three great places to start, but households should consider one more expense if they are trying to save money. Nearly every family pays for car insurance, and many of these families are not taking advantage of the many ways they can save money on Auto Insurance in St Louis MO.

Here are several steps families can take to reduce the cost of their car insurance premiums:

1. Contact an independent insurance broker. They have connections with many insurance companies, not just the ones who advertise on television

2. Use the same insurance company for multiple policies (Home, Renters, Auto, Life)

3. Maintain insurance! Never let policies lapse

4. Teenagers should complete a driver’s education course and maintain good grades

5. Pay attention to wear and tear on tires. Bad tires can result in premium raising accidents

6. Obey the speed limit!

7. Make arrangements to pay insurance premiums annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Many insurance companies add a finance charge to monthly payments

There is one final way to save money on auto insuracne in St Louis MO. Be assertive. So many families simply pay their car insurance bills with no second thought. They often end up spending more on premiums and never questioning why. This is a shame. Insurance brokers want to find their clients the best coverage at the best rate. Many times, all one needs to do is contact their insurance broker and tell them they want to have their premiums reduced. The insurance agent will be happy to help a family re-negotiate their current policy, or help a family find a new insurance carrier with less expensive rates.

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