Differentiating Between Consumer, Contractor and Industrial Air Compressors in PA

by | May 20, 2014 | Business

Air compressors work very simply. They essentially squeeze air into a storage tank through a dedicated air intake. The compressed air can then be released on demand as a strong, quick burst of wind with considerable kinetic energy which makes it perfect for a number of purposes. This includes air transfer (an example being inflating a car tire), for use on pneumatic device activation and various cleaning jobs among other applications. Visit www.aircompressorspa.com for the types of air compressors that may be worth knowing about to help you make a good decision for your air compressor needs.

Industrial air compressors in PA are generally used where there is a constant need for compressed air supply. This option offers superior performance in addition to advanced technology to supply air around the clock. These are needed in manufacturing facilities, auto-body shops and other places where extreme applications are required. This can also include running machinery found on oil rigs as well as powering a roller coaster among other places. This of course comes with a hefty price-tag. It is to be expected as other options on the market do not reflect the kind of quality and performance offered by industrial-grade air compressors.

Another example of an air compressor is the contractor variety. This is usually reserved for jobs performed on site, as the equipment is well able to withstand the rigors of such environments. These can be seen on building sites and road constructions among other places. They are normally used for powering nail-guns and other equipment found on the site. Contractor-grade air compressors can be attached to a vehicle, wheeled on a cart or even carried by hand depending on the users need for power and flexibility.

Finally, there is the consumer-grade air compressor that is commonly found in the household. It can be used for a number of applications, although the primary purpose is usually to inflate toys and sporting goods. This type of air compressor can also be used to power tools such as staplers and brad guns which don’t have major air requirements. Industrial air compressors in PA are available at Air Center Inc. You can also get your hands on the other varieties mentioned here and additional services, accessories, repair and/or maintenance that you may require.

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