Surpass the Standard Kitchen Designs When it’s Time to Upgrade

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Having your kitchen redone can be fun. The anticipation of a new, beautiful design that replaces your old, obsolete one is enough to make your mind dance with visions of the end result. This, however, may not be the case if you’ve checked several kitchen design firms only to find that none of them really offer what you want. To bypass such problems, try a specialist in custom European kitchens in Naples, FL.

An upscale interior design company won’t try to shoehorn you into the typical kitchen format of one oven, a standard refrigerator, a dishwasher, and a double stainless steel sink. If you want these elements they will provide them, but their real expertise is catering to custom design needs. A renovator like EBL Interiors, for instance, can produce a kitchen design with three separate conventional ovens and a microwave and have the results come out looking perfectly professional. If you need extra sinks or a refrigerator that’s big enough to be fit for a restaurant, that’s no problem either.

Of course, the design itself is just one of the aspects of a good new kitchen. Upscale designers make sure that the details are perfect as well. Top-quality, professional-style appliances are used, stone counters are standard, and the flooring will be both beautiful and easy to maintain. Wall tiles are another feature that is a great addition to an upscale kitchen. Unlike a typical backsplash, this tile can cover an entire wall or even all of the walls. It both looks great and is easy to clean, so it’ll stay perfect for years to come.

The cabinets and drawers are often the most prominent part of a kitchen. When you look at custom European kitchens in Naples, FL, you’ll see a huge selection of materials available. These materials range from brushed stainless steel to wood, but all will have modern designs that will wow anyone who comes into the area. A sleek, smooth look is the order of the day, and many of the styles even eliminate obvious handles from the cabinet faces. When handles are used, they are styled in a modern and minimalistic way so that they don’t interfere with the overall design. Take a look at a designer’s gallery or online portfolio to get ideas and see what is currently in vogue. Chances are good that you’ll find yourself inspired. Visit Website.

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