Subtle Signs You Should Take Your Cat to a Pet Hospital in Leawood KS Right Away

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you own a cat in Leawood, you should be aware that the signs your cat needs emergency medical attention aren’t always obvious. Sometimes, the symptoms of potentially life-threatening medical issues are so subtle that they’re easy for pet owners to miss. If your cat is showing any of the warning signs below, take him to a Pet hospital Leawood KS immediately for emergency care.

Changes in Gum Color

With cats, changes in gum color can signal serious medical issues. A healthy cats gums should be moist and pink. If you notice that your cat’s gums have turned bright red, blue or gray, you should take your cat to a Pet hospital Leawood KS right away. Changes in gum color can be a symptom of dangerously low blood pressure, accidental poisoning or a serious infection.

Difficulty Urinating

Urination problems can cause serious health issues for male cats. Left untreated, a urinary obstruction can cause intense pain, organ failure and eventual death. Here are some of the symptoms of this very serious feline condition:

*   Straining to urinate
*   Urinating outside the litter box
*   Compulsively grooming the genitals
*   Producing very small quantities of urine
*   Vocalizing loudly and frequently

If you notice any of these symptoms, get emergency care for your cat right away.

Refusal to Eat or Drink

Refusing to eat or drink is usually always a sign of a potentially serious medical condition, especially if the behavior has lasted for more than 24 hours. Some common reasons why a cat stops eating are serious digestive problems, intestinal blockages, organ failure and diabetic complications. Your cat could also have ingested toxins that are making him very ill. In any case, seek emergency medical care immediately–don’t wait for the vet’s office to open. View website for more details.


Seizures are relatively common in cats, and they are rarely life threatening. Still, there’s always a chance that a seizure is a symptom of a bigger medical problem that requires immediate veterinary care. If you notice your cat having a seizure, take him to the animal hospital right away. Seizures may be hard for pet owners to detect; here are some of the common symptoms your cat is suffering from a seizure:

*   Convulsions
*   Sudden urination
*   Disorientation
*   Intense vocalization or anxiety

Prompt medical attention is critical if you cat is displaying any of the symptoms discussed above.