Stop Your Roofing Problems Using a Roofing Contractor in Fairfield County CT

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One of the most important exterior facets of your home is the roof. This is because the roof’s primary purpose is to keep the elements away from the interior of the building. However, the roof is also important to the structure of the building. The roof of your home normally consists of the joists and rafters that give it structure. Over these are a layer of decking material which is either plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Manufactured wood is generally preferred by the Roofing Contractor in Fairfield County CT because of its strength. Next comes a roofing membrane which is usually roofing felt or tar-paper. The final layer is typically asphalt shingles, but other options are available.

When your roof develops a leak, the best option is to have a roofer inspect the problem. Most leaks are usually worse than they appear because it generally takes the water a while before it penetrates the roof. This can result in a lot of hidden damage. However, leaks can also occur because of extreme weather conditions. When these happen you may end up with a complete roof replacement because storm damage is often very severe. High winds can pull roofing material away from the roof and hurricanes or tornadoes can rip away decking as well.

Sometimes, you can avoid roof problems by having a Roofing Contractor in Fairfield County CT inspect the roof for signs of damage. Many roofing problems start out slow and only leave small traces. The roofer can find them because they have experience in determining roof failures. For example, they may notice a problem with old shingles that isn’t visible until they have been closely examined. Asphalt shingles can dry and curl over time which may lead to the shingle pulling away from the roof. This could result in a slow leak that gradually ruins the decking. These leaks can often be spotted inside the attic by the signs of moisture on the decking or rafters. If your roof is having problems and it is time for a roofing contractor, then you need to visit the experts at Double R All Home Improvements.

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