Steps to Take When Residential Air Conditioning in Grand Rapids MI Is Not Cool Enough

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Steps to Take When Residential Air Conditioning in Grand Rapids MI Is Not Cool Enough

When a homeowner relies on Residential Air Conditioning in Grand Rapids MI, intervention is required if it is not working up to par. Most people call an air conditioning service to assist when cool air is not emitted from their unit as needed. Here are some additional steps to take to try to get cool air to flow from a unit during warmer weather.

Check That All Controls Are Properly Set

If someone changed one of the settings that control an air conditioner, it will not work properly. It is a good idea to look at the thermostat that triggers the unit to come on to see if it is set to the desired temperature. If not, it can be easily adjusted. If the air conditioner is unplugged or if a circuit breaker tripped in the household, a no-air condition occurs. Check these settings as well.

Try Cleaning Out The Unit To Remove Debris

If an air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, its performance will falter. For the best efficiency possible, conduct a clean-out each year. An air conditioner service will help with this process if needed. After unplugging a unit, vacuum the coils to remove dust from the interior portion. Soak any condensate tubing in fresh water for several minutes to remove algae buildup from inside. Swap the filter with a new one during a cleaning session as well.

Ensure The Unit Is Not Covered In Any Way

If an air conditioner is situated in a spot in the home where airflow is restricted, the home will not cool properly. It is important to check that units are not covered by drapes, curtains, or blinds. Move larger pieces of furniture away from an air conditioner, so air will distribute evenly throughout a room or rooms as well

When there is a need to have residential air conditioning in Grand Rapids MI maintained, calling the right service to do the job is a priority. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an evaluation of a unit or system. We will dispatch a professional to the home to assess a unit and make repairs if needed.

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