Signs You Have a Bad Supplier on Your Hands

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Business

Improving supplier relations can be a major component to your company’s success. Bad suppliers can hurt your business, derail negotiations and lead to a ton of supply problems, Forbes says. Read on for tell-tale warning signs that you’re dealing with one:

Consistent decline

An occasional bad day isn’t unheard of, not when you’ve worked with a supplier for years. However, if there’s steady and consistent decline in service quality or product standards, that could be a major sign telling you that it’s time to move on to a new or better nicotine polacrilex USP supplier.

Inconsistent stories

If your supplier says the delay was caused by shipment problems then electricity problems, those changing stories could be another sign that your supplier isn’t giving you the whole picture. If this keeps up, it’s best to engage the services of another company instead.

Assigning the blame elsewhere

One of the most annoying qualities of a bad supplier is that the company tends to assign blame elsewhere, even when it’s obvious that they share part of the blame. Accountability is indispensable and a quality you want to see in your nicotine polacrilex USP supplier.


If the company has too many clients on board and can’t seem to provide you with on-time shipments and deliveries, then you might want to have a long and serious talk with your supplier to try and fix the problem. If that doesn’t pan out, though, time to look for a new one.

Communication problems

If your supplier is hard to get a hold of, can’t seem to send out on-time responses and doesn’t exert any effort to be on the same page with you, getting help elsewhere is a wise and practical decision. Need a supplier you can count on? Ask us for help at BGP today. You can like their Facebook page for more information.

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