Should You Upgrade Toilets Germantown

April, 2014 by Agatha Feldman

Today, water and energy conservation are popular topics. Consumers have an interest in these topics because they see the rising costs of water and energy bills. Some consumers are also concerned about protecting the environment, and they realize the importance of not being wasteful. The government responded with their concerns about water conservation in 1994. The US federal government mandated toilet manufacturers to make toilets with low-flow features. Toilets manufactured from the mandate till now cannot flush over 1.6 gallons per flush. The measure has been effective in the crusade for water conservation.

The problem is that many older properties still have older toilets in them. The government did not mandate or demand that consumers upgrade to the low flow toilets. If you are unsure whether or not you have a low-flow toilet, you should have a professional plumbing company inspect the toilets in your home or business. Acker & Sons Inc. is a good resource for determining whether you should upgrade your toilets.

If you need to upgrade toilets Germantown, you could benefit from considering a purchase that will last you for many years. Your plumber can cover additional features that modern toilets have. For example, you or another family member may have limited mobility, you could benefit from choosing a toilet that makes it easier to go to the bathroom with little or no assistance. You might also want to consider the appearance of your new toilet. Perhaps you have a standard white toilet at the moment. You could consider upgrading to a toilet that has unique toilet seat or handle.

Let’s face it, there are many people who still have older toilets in their homes because they cannot afford to buy new toilets Germantown. If this sounds like you, you could benefit from a consultation with a plumbing contractor. There are devices that can be integrated into older toilets. These devices make the older toilets use a lesser amount of water per flush which gives results comparable to low-flush toilets. Your plumber of choice might also be able to offer you additional tips on water conservation and the benefits of upgrading. Get more information by visiting

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