Shopping For Diamond Rings: Something For Every Occasion and Budget

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Though often associated with engagement rings, Diamond Rings can be a special piece of jewelry for anyone. They’re often bought as gifts for anniversaries, holidays, and other milestone celebrations.
Engagement rings are typically what people think of when they think of a diamond ring. This variety of diamond ring is usually a solitaire, but may be flanked by some smaller diamonds or have pave diamonds along the band. This is a showcase piece- where the diamond is front and center, and meant to make a statement.

Eternity bands are another kind of diamond ring. This style has mid-size or smaller diamonds which are bezel or pave set into the entire circumference of the band. Because of the eternity symbolism, people often favor this style to give as a wedding anniversary gift.

Fashion diamond rings come in a variety of styles and are meant to be worn for the joy of wearing a diamond ring. They may be pave set into abstract designs or popular forms like hearts, flowers, bows, or luck symbols. Other popular styles feature animals, monogram initials, and birthstone rings.

Diamond rings may be a solitaire or multiple diamonds, which may be bezel or pave set, or set in one of many styles of prongs. Diamonds may be cut into various shapes, with the more popular ones being round, princess, and cushion cuts.

The most affordable rings are usually made with raw diamonds. Raw diamonds are essentially straight out of the earth, with little or no polishing or cutting. They may be cut into a specific shape, but otherwise they’re left natural. These kinds of rings don’t suit everyone, but they have a unique, organic look that many people like.

Other diamond ring prices depend on the size, quality and cut of the stone. The most expensive diamonds will have no inclusions, will be clear, expertly cut, and have an intense sparkle to them. The bigger the carat size, the bigger the price tag. Due to their rarity, colored diamonds such as pink, blue, and canary will also have a higher cost so long as the stone is decent clarity.

Diamonds that might have a couple inclusions or slight cloudiness will take the price down, and can still make for a great piece of jewelry. Those who are shopping for a diamond ring for any occasion may check jewelry stores, estate sales, boutiques.



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