Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Hartford, CT When You Are At Fault

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Hartford, CT When You Are At Fault

The state of Connecticut requires that all drivers who are found at fault in an automobile accident to file a claim through their insurance provider. The claim allows for coverage for medical costs and automobile repair incurred during the accident. A Personal Injury Attorney In Hartford CT can review the case to determine whether or not an individual is liable and if further legal action is required.

How to Proceed After an Auto Accident

If you are involved in an automobile accident, your best strategy for securing your rights is to call law enforcement. If any party involved in the accident flees the scene you should make an effort to get their license plate number, if possible. Regardless of who caused the accident, it is essential to acquire an accident report through the law enforcement agency who investigated it.

All victims are advised not to speak to anyone involved, especially a claim’s adjuster for the driver who was at fault, until they have spoken to a Personal Injury Attorney In Hartford CT. Any statements you make to these adjusters can be used against you in court. As a victim, you must prove that you suffered damages and that the offending driver failed to comply with Connecticut personal injury laws.

If You are at Fault

If you are at fault in an automobile accident, you may face penalties to include the current and future medical expenses associated with the victim’s injuries. The court can hold you liable for any time or wages lost by the victim. Further liabilities include property damage; this could include buildings and structures located near the accident site. Any disfigurement or disability caused by the accident could generate a higher settlement value for the victim. A decrease in the victim’s earning potential after their injuries is another liability associated with automobile accidents.

Tort laws do apply in Connecticut and will apply to the case if the victim suffered any depression, distress, or anxiety following the accident. These laws can generate high settlements based on the medical evidence from a psychiatrist. If she or he will need continued mental health-based treatment due to the accident, you could become liable for these costs as well.

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