Shipping antiques and collectibles with TLC

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Moving Services, Shipping

White glove service can mean a lot of things but the one common denominator is high quality, consistency and reliability. The term is used extensively in the service industry, you frequently hear it used or see it used in advertisements for automobile repair shops, appliance service, electronic service as well as moving and storage.

There are a number of areas where white glove service in Los Angeles is genuinely appreciated; they are storing, packing and shipping fragile objects such as antiques and works of art. Art is often thought of as paintings; but art is wide ranging and includes statues, carvings and indeed; one of a kind furniture. Shipping these and other similar items takes a special company with special skills and people.

Regardless of what is being shipped, security is always an important issue, this is especially true when the shipment contains fine art and antiques which are unique and also impossible to replace or repair if they are damaged in packing or in transit. Of course the object will be insured but that is little in the way of satisfaction if the damage results in total loss or serious depreciation in value.

When preparing valuable objects for shipping, the company that offers white glove service in Los Angeles knows what kind of packing material is appropriate for the goods, what container design is best suited to provide protection and what else should be in the box.

Recycling is on everybody’s mind, including the fine arts storage, packing and moving industry. There is nothing wrong with recycling packing material as long as the material is clean and free of any foreign material. Bubble wrap is never used when it can come into contact with art, but there is a place for it as a shock absorbing material and recycled bubble wrap is fine to use. The professionals who carry out this packing are well aware of the difference between usable recycled material and garbage.

It may be possible for the owner to properly pack certain collectibles but in most cases, using professionals is the preferred method. When the object is odd shapes, cumbersome in size or design or extremely fragile, professionals have all the skills to pack and move them correctly.

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