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There are many reasons to hire roofers San Antonio besides having your roof reshingled. While that is one of the main types of jobs that are done by companies like Roof Doctor, roofers also do repairs, put on new roofs, and even offer custom maintenance services.


Reshingling is likely the most common job done by roofing companies. This involves tearing off old, worn shingles and worn-out underlying materials. Then, new materials and shingles are installed. The average home only needs to have this done once every thirty years or so, but a city like San Antonio has tens of thousands of houses. Therefore, roofing companies can often stay busy even if they specialize in this work alone.

Sometimes, a homeowner will decide that he or she doesn’t want to have shingles anymore. In that case, a roof can be redone so that it uses a different material. Stylish types of metal roofing, ceramic tiles, and even slate can be used as alternatives. Switching to some of these materials is easy, but other varieties may require that the roof be reinforced first. That’s because materials like slate and ceramic are heavier than shingles.

Roof inspection and maintenance should be performed twice a year, but many homeowners don’t think about their roofs until they’re already leaking. Alas, allowing a leak to start can also allow extensive damage to take place that will cost a significant amount of money to fix. Therefore, good roofers San Antonio offer inspections that allow weakening areas to be spotted before they cause leaks. This allows repairs to be made while they are still inexpensive to have done.

Repairs, of course, are another service offered by professional roofers. Often, roofs will weaken around chimneys or other protrusions. Satellite dish brackets are another source of leaks. Fortunately, fixing these areas is relatively simple. The key is to call the roofing company the moment a problem is detected. This will prevent water from getting up under the shingles and causing rot to the roof deck. If rot sets in, repairs will be much more extensive, and therefore, much more expensive. Therefore, you should never let a roof leak wait until you “get around to it.” Consider it an emergency, and your wallet will thank you.

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