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Living in Dayton OH you are likely aware of the various types of unreliable weather that this area encounters. In order to be prepared for power outages, an essential piece of equipment is a whole house generator. These generators can be installed directly into the power panel of your home, but should only be done by an Electrical Contractor Dayton OH . Some of the other services offered by these professionals are highlighted here.

Troubleshooting Services

If you are having issues with the electrical system of your home, but cannot determine the root of the problem, calling a licensed electrician is the next obvious step. Some of the most common issues include faulty fixtures, failed receptacles or loose wires. A full diagnosis is necessary to pinpoint the issue that is being experienced.

Switch and Outlet Installation

Have you fumbled around in your living room trying to locate the light switch in the dark? Or do you find yourself stretching your blow dryer cord to the limit just to be able to see what you are doing in the mirror? If so, you should not let these inconveniences go another day. An electrical contractor in Dayton OH can install switches and outlets anywhere in your home to make it more convenient for you and your life.

Lighting Service

If you have a fixture that lights up, a licensed electrician will be able to service it. If you find that one of your current fixtures is having issues, such as dimming or flickering, your problem can be easily diagnosed and the electrician that you call will be able to recommend any solutions that will fix the issue for good.

Upgrades to your Panel

The electrical panel in your home is often referred to as an electric box, breaker box, electrical box or a service panel. No matter the name, this is the very heart of your entire home electrical system. It is important to seek professional services to handle any issues that you may be having with this device.




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