Selling All Shapes And Sizes Of Diamonds

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Selling All Shapes And Sizes Of Diamonds

Diamonds are forever and a girl’s best friend, so doesn’t that make them a girl’s BFF? Well, not all friendships are meant to last forever, so it’s understandable if you’re looking to sell your diamonds. Whether it’s old diamond jewelry that you no longer wear or diamonds that have fallen out of existing jewelry, there are shops that will buy the diamonds you have.

Size And Grades Of Diamonds

Most businesses that buy and sell diamonds in Chicago specialize in purchasing larger diamonds, typically 1 karat and larger. These shops, however, also buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes. If you don’t know a Cushion Cut from a Princess Cut or the difference between an Oval, Pear or Radiant cut, don’t fret most people don’t. Typically people will know that they bought a Princess Cut or Emerald diamond but couldn’t tell you what the characteristics of that specific cut are. This is why it’s important to find a business or store that has G.I.A experts on hand who are trained to analyze diamonds.

Leave It To The Pros

Have you ever appraised the value of a diamond? Most people haven’t. When you’re looking for a shop to sell your diamonds in Chicago, make sure to find one with experts who can give you top value for your diamonds. Finding a reputable shop or this kind of information on a business’s website shouldn’t be too difficult. If a business has the experts, they’ll state so on their website. If you don’t see mention of G.I.A trained professionals, odds are they don’t have them on staff. Beyond experience as diamond buyers and graders, businesses will have the most up-to-date technology, tools and equipment. This too should be evident on the website.

Parting With Heirlooms

Diamonds—jewelry in general—carry a lot of sentimental value. For this reason, the decision to sell these pieces can be difficult. The last thing a business wants or a customer wants is to argue over what is fair or to have a customer feel they are being treated unfairly. For this reason, it’s important you take the time to research the businesses in your area and find the one you feel has the most experience. Experience, as in most fields and businesses, goes a long way in treating customers fairly and giving the best value for your diamonds. This way, when you do decide to part with a piece with sentimental value, it’ll be a smooth transaction you can feel good about.

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