Selecting the Right Roof for Residential Roofing in Pittsburgh Kansas

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Roofing

The common roofing materials for residential houses include slate, ceramic, tile, cement, wood, and asphalt shingles among others. Given that the roof is a permanent feature in any home, it is important to take time and select the best roof for the house. The ideal roofing material should secure the house, protect the occupants from foul weather, and enhance the aesthetics of the house. Homeowners may use the guidelines below when selecting the best roof for residential roofing in Pittsburg Kansas.

The Environment

If the house is in an area that always experiences wildfires, the house owner should desist from using the ceramic or wooden room. A fire resistant roof such as cement or slate may work well in such environments. If the area experiences a lot of snow or many cold months in a year, stone based roofs such as slate, tiles, and ceramic roofs are ideal as they conduct less cold from the outside and therefore do not require heavy attic insulation.

The Integrity of the Structure

If one is replacing a roof, he or she should evaluate the integrity of the structure to determine the kind of roof it can hold. If the structure is not very strong, the homeowner should keep away from such heavy roofs as tiles and slate. Otherwise, some reinforcement on the battens can strengthen an old structure to withstand a heavy roof.

The Cost

Homeowners may be limited by their budgets on the kind of roof to select. The cost of such roofs as metal and slate is high compared to ceramic and asphalt shingles. Most homeowners on a tight budget usually go for asphalt shingles for Residential Roofing in Pittsburg Kansas. However, the expensive types of roofs last longer and require little maintenance. In addition, the cost of installation differs with the skill needed, the slope of the house, and whether one is replacing an existing roof.

The roof is part of a good looking and a secure house. Therefore, the homeowner should put thought and evaluate the merits and demerits of several kinds of roofs before setting on one. Visit us for information about various types of roofing.

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