Selecting a Good Courier to Send a Parcel to the USA from India

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Most businesses do not understand much about courier services, except that the business can send a parcel to the USA from India or anywhere else. If they offer cheap services and are a big company, you probably think you’re golden, but there are other considerations to make before deciding. Select up to three couriers to consider at a time. If the three you select don’t pass your questions and tests, then select three more and continue until you find a company worthwhile.

Cheapest Option

The least expensive option may look good to you, but cost isn’t the only consideration. You will likely be sending a lot of information and parcels, so you should make sure to ask about rates, added fees and guarantees.

Ask the company in question if they are mostly late or on time with deliveries and then test that theory. Send one parcel to the USA from India with each of your three prospects and see whether they are on time or not. If tracking is available, use this feature to keep track of things at each point and day. When a parcel arrives in the USA, make sure to get feedback from that company or person as to whether the parcel was on time and in whole condition.

Other Suppliers

You know you aren’t the only client of your courier. When trying to find a courier, ask them how much other clients are spending and how much business they do. Most companies feel this information isn’t valid or are afraid to ask such personal questions. However, it is always good to know what others are being charged so you can make decisions better. Though client names may not be divulged, you can still find out how much certain clients are paying and their shipment loads to comparison shop and find out approximately how much you will be paying each month.

Delivery vs. Pick-up

Most businesses don’t realize that quick pick-up times aren’t the same as quick delivery times. A quick pick-up is important, but don’t focus solely on that aspect of the company. If you want to send a parcel, you want quick delivery times, as well. Ask the courier about their delivered within times to measure effectiveness and efficiency. Using a courier that picks up quickly and has agreeable “delivered within” times is crucial to keeping your company in business.

If you want to send a parcel to the USA from India, you need a good courier that offers international services. Consider Fastway Worldwide Express India.

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