Seeking a Veterinarian in Windsor Locks CT When Your Cat Is Seek

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Cats vary so much from one to another. Cats can be eccentric, temperamental, loving, bored, moody, finicky, or selfish. They can also be susceptible to a variety of health concerns and complaints. Most of these complaints are minor but many can be quiet serious. Because cats are so different from one to another, the average cat owner may have trouble telling the difference between a cat exhibiting a behavior that is just an expression of his unique personality and a cat that is exhibiting something that might be a symptom of a serious illness. The question for the cat owner is, when do you panic and when do you let Tom just do his thing?

First, let’s look at the more serious symptoms your cat may exhibit. The issues that you should pay the most attention to include trouble urinating, trouble breathing, and unusual bleeding. If your cat is experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, contact The Windosr Animal Clinic immediately, a veterinarian in Windsor Locks CT. These are symptoms that may be life-threatening so immediate care is necessary.


Second, there are other signs and symptoms that are little more subtle, but may still be serious. How do you know when Fluffy is just expressing his unique personality and when your cat is really in trouble? The key is to look for changes in your pet in the areas of eating, drinking, grooming, toileting, energy level and verbalization. A normally voracious cat may suddenly become finicky, pick at his food or refuse to eat entirely. He may suddenly seem thirsty all of the time and drink more than is normal for him. He may cease grooming himself. He may start to use the bathroom outside of his litter box. A normally active frisky cat may become lazy and lethargic or he may sleep more than is usual for him. A quite cat may meow more or louder.These may be minor complaints or they reflect more serious illness.

For peace of mind, seek out a trusted veterinarian at a clinic like the Windosor Animal Clinic.

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