Save On Your Energy Bill With Window Film Wichita KS

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Are you interested in knowing of way to save money on energy in your home and simultaneously reducing the risks in your health? Obviously, the answer to this rhetorical questioning is yes; after all, who wouldn’t be interested in saving money and helping their health too? NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc., an insulation provider who also does Window Film Wichita KS, wants to tell you about how window tinting can be the door of opportunity for your energy savings and health saving, in addition.

Window tint can go a long ways in protecting your drapery and furniture, as it shields those items from the sun’s harmful rays. It is already evident what the sun will do in terms of fading your curtains and making your furniture look dull. Imagine what such rays are doing to your skin. You would be very wise and proactive in extending the life of your furniture, drapery and by default, yourself by installing window tint to your home and/or business. Some window tints are so good that they block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays.

In the summertime, the tint reduces the amount of heat that comes into the home or business, causing the central air/air conditioning units not to work as hard. This saves on your utilities. Once again, because up to 99% of the rays are being blocked, you save yourself future woes of the rays’ effects on your skin, such as painful rashes or even developing skin cancer.

In Kansas, you can get NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. to install your Window Film Wichita KS to get you started on your energy savings and the protection of your skin from the sun’s rays. They offer commercial and residential window tinting for your comfort, reduce fading, lower energy bills, improvement on temperature control and to save your furniture from the damage of UV rays. NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. also does vehicle tinting, full service insulation for commercial buildings including the installation of products like Simple Saver System and spray foam insulation. When you are in need of Window Film Wichita KS, or insulation, call upon NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. by visiting their website,

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