RV Roadside Assistance in El Cajon Is Ready to Help After Hitch Failure

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RV Roadside Assistance in El Cajon Is Ready to Help After Hitch Failure

RV roadside assistance in El Cajon becomes necessary when the vehicle can be fixed quickly at the site of the breakdown or when it must be towed away. One of the worst types of breakdowns for people with travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers or towed campers is a hitch failure.

Sharp Turns

Typically, hitch failure happens when the driver is making a turn at a 90-degree or sharper angle, like at a stop sign or traffic light intersection. Drivers may already have heard or know instinctively that it’s best to take angles as widely as possible when towing a trailer, but sometimes the sharper angle cannot be avoided. The main good point about this situation is that it happens at relatively slow speeds.

Potential for Damage

Significant damage may occur to the towing vehicle if the hitch is actually pulled off. The camper may be damaged as well. The expense becomes worse if the camper hits another vehicle in traffic. With no way to move the camper, prompt RV roadside assistance in El Cajon will be necessary to tow it to a location that the owners request.

Signs of Impending Trouble

The driver usually will get some warning from the equipment before the failure actually occurs. For instance, there may be grinding noises when turning to the right or left. This symptom should not be ignored and the owner should have the hitch gear checked over as soon as possible.


Hitch failure normally can be prevented as long as the hitch and all related equipment are examined regularly and used as directed. Routine maintenance including lubrication should be completed according to instructions. Dry hitch components are more susceptible to this type of problem. If the gear starts to become corroded, it should be replaced.

Sometimes the unexpected occurs due to operator error or equipment that is known to not always work properly. Before purchasing the equipment, buyers should do their research and make sure they are buying from the most reputable manufacturers. If a hitch malfunction ever does happen and roadside assistance is needed, the RV owners can call a service such as USA Towing & Recovery.  You can also connect them on Facebook.

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