Roller Cabinets Are the Ideal Tool Storage Solution

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Roller Cabinets provide a unique and useful tool storage option for your tools. These tools storage solutions are perfect for the mechanic or other trades person who has a large inventory of tools and needs to use most of them on a constant basis. The weight of these tools can add up to a substantial amount when tools number in the hundreds and this means that the tool chest could have a weight in excess of five hundred pounds in some cases.

When tools are stored in Roller Cabinets they can be moved to where you are working so that you merely need to reach over and select the right tool for the job. This can be a massive time saving measure for those who are extremely busy and need to complete multiple repair jobs in a short amount of time. Each time that you need to get up and find a tool, you are losing time from your work day, but if your tools are right next to you, then you will not lose that valuable time.

There are many different sizes of Roller Cabinets that are available for tool storage. The large tool chests that most people have can sit on top of a rolling tool cabinet and then the cabinet itself provides ample storage for a variety of tools too. The combination of cabinet and tool chest on top can hold a large number of tools and keep them handy for any job that is being completed.

Most Roller Cabinets> are designed to carry heavy tools and still be mobile, with two active caster wheels in the front and two fixed casters in the rear. This helps a person to steer the cabinet without losing control of it so that it can be placed in any location where the tools will be needed. The top drawer of the cabinet generally has a locking mechanism in it so that the cabinet can be locked to keep the tools inside safe. Sliding drawers all move independently so that any tool can be located in a drawer without too much effort.

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