Reasons to Replace your Boiler in Westchester County, NY

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Your boiler is normally situated in such a remote location of your home, most homeowners really don’t pay it a whole lot of attention. That is until the boiler starts to act up and they have to call in a repairman to fix the problem. In some of these older houses, the boiler has been around since the house was built, and will end up costing more to repair than it will to replace. Below, you will find some tips on how to know if it would be better to replace Boiler in Westchester County, NY, instead of repairing it.

The professionals at can tell you quickly enough if your Boiler in Westchester County, NY needs to be repaired or replaced, but here are some tips on how you can figure it out yourself, and why you should have it replaced anyway.

If you are spending more on repairs each month that it would cost to replace your Boiler in Westchester County, NY, you need to make sure that it is replaced. It will cost you more in the beginning, as a boiler is a significant investment, but in the long run, the new boiler will pay for itself.

Older boilers are bad for the environment, as well, leaving a carbon footprint that cannot be denied. Newer boilers don’t leave as big of an imprint, something that everyone should be working to make sure they lessen. The environment of the world depends on it, and installing a new boiler, and getting rid of the old one properly, will help you to do your part.

Newer boilers are also energy-efficient and will help to lower your electric bill. If you have been seeing an increase in your electric bill since you started having problems with your boiler, this may very well be why. Choosing to install a new boiler is a serious decision, but if it is costing you more money than it would to replace it, you are better off going with the new boiler. Make sure that you compare prices and get the correct boiler for your size home, consulting with a contractor as necessary. Get in touch with Cassidy Plumbing for more details!

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