Reasons for Calling an Emergency Plumber

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Many plumbing problems can be dealt with during normal business hours, but when a pipe starts gushing water uncontrollably at 3AM, you won’t want to wait for a company to open to get it taken care of. That’s one of the scenarios in which it’s much better to quickly call an emergency plumber in Birmingham, AL to get the problem fixed.

When a pipe bursts, a faucet refuses to shut off, or some other issue causes water to come out in great volume when you don’t want it to, you should try to stop the flow at a valve behind the problem area yourself while waiting for the plumber. This won’t restore your ability to use the fixtures that are normally fed by the faulty pipe, but it can stop the area from flooding. If you can’t work the valve or you can’t find it, you’ll have to wait for the professional. Therefore, you should be sure to choose one that is really able to send technicians 24/7.

Unexpected torrents of water aren’t the only reason to call an Emergency Plumber in Birmingham, AL. Companies that are open all night often need to get standard plumbing problems fixed during that time. A clogged toilet can very well be an emergency for a restaurant or retail store that normally has customers late into the night, and an all-night restaurant will certainly consider it an emergency if their kitchen sink develops a problem at any hour.

As this shows, the definition of an emergency varies depending on the other circumstances involved. Therefore, an emergency plumber must be prepared for many situations. A call could involve anything from a clogged drain to a municipal water main break and everything in between. The only thing such a plumbing service can be sure of is that if it gets a call during the off-hours, it will involve a problem. People generally don’t call at 11PM or so to get a new faucet installed for a remodeling project.

Since all-hours plumbers do expect problems to be on the other end of a late-ringing phone, they will arrive equipped to deal with them. Therefore, if you hire a company that is truly equipped for emergencies, you can rest assured that everything will be working well again in short order.

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