Quick-Fix Tips For Furnace Repairs in Cornelius, NC

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

No matter how reliable you think your heating unit is there’s always a chance that it’ll run into some problems. However, these problems aren’t cheap to fix, and can end up costing you lots of money. Before you even consider calling a technician for an expensive Furnace Repair in Cornelius, NC consider trying a couple of the following quick fixes.

Not getting any heat?

Don’t panic! When this happens many homeowners immediately think that their system has failed, and they need to spend thousands of dollars for a new one. Before you open up your purse or wallet, consider simply checking the fuse or circuit breaker. Often times fuses blow and circuit breakers trip, which can both cause the system to become unresponsive. You may also want to check the drive belt for the unit. The drive belt works directly with the unit’s motor, and tends to wear out over time. You may simply need to have the belt replaced with a new one. Call a technician at Air Dynamics MS to have a new belt installed.

Getting heat but it’s not enough?

It’s not uncommon to have some rooms stay warmer than others. However, this is a problem that can be solved by simply changing the unit’s filter. Filters catch debris and dust particles that occupy the air inside the home. When these filters become clogged they obstruct the airflow, and this prevents heat from being distributed as it normally would. Simply have the filters replaced with new ones.

If replacing your filter doesn’t fix the problem, you might want to check the condensing unit outside. Your condensing unit works directly with the airflow of the unit inside of the home. Just like your filter, when the areas around this unit become clogged, proper circulation becomes a problem. Make sure to clear your unit of any debris (i.e. leaves, weeds, etc.). Doing this should help your unit circulate more heat throughout your home. If this doesn’t help, you may need to contact a professional service for Furnace Repair in Cornelius, NC.
Consider these quick fixes if you’re having problems with your unit. It’s usually the common-sense solutions that work the best. Again, if these solutions don’t work, call a qualified professional.

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