Protections Offered By Oklahoma Adoption Laws

by | May 14, 2013 | Adoption

The government of the state of Oklahoma recognizes that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up and to thrive in a loving and stable environment. They also realize that birth parents are not always able to provide that. Because of this, there are laws in place to control exactly how parents can give up their rights to their children, and how other people can then step in and become the legal parent. Though the details are quite complex, understanding the basics of Adoption In Oklahoma is not so difficult.

The most important thing that anyone involved can know is that the standard adoption process is not instant. Birth parents should feel confident that all potential adoptive parents are screened carefully to ensure that they can and will provide good homes. Potential adopters, on the other hand, need to understand that they are signing up for a lengthy process where their lives will be scrutinized. The system is geared toward the welfare of the children who are in it, and therefore hopeful adoptive parents simply need to accept that the details of their financial and personal lives will be carefully researched before they are approved.

Potential adopters are permitted to advertise for birth mothers and to help out with some expenses related to the pregnancy. This allows the adopting parents to help to provide for things like living expenses, medical needs, and counseling. This is limited to a very reasonable set of expenses. They are not allowed to buy things like furniture, or to make car payments, for example. Also, any amount over $500 must be approved by a court. It is also absolutely critical to remember at all times that a birth mother cannot actually consent to Adoption In Oklahoma until after the birth. If she changes her mind before she officially consents, that is her right.

If you are seeking to adopt a child, it is a good idea to get advice from a lawyer or a professional adoption agency. There are laws in place that are designed to protect both birth parents and those who hope to adopt. Any violation of the rules, whether deliberate or accidental, can interfere with the process and make it much harder to adopt a child.

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