Protection From Hidden Viruses and More: Carpet Cleaning Service in Olney, MD

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Carpets

Carpeting makes a home more comfortable, cozy and warm, but none of these things will matter if the carpet is not kept clean. Once stains and smells set in, all of the reasons for installing carpet will be gone. It can also become a serious health hazard.

A dirty carpet can harbor pests like fleas, ticks and dust mites. It is even possible for bed bugs to live within carpets. All of these nasty little creatures can make humans and pets in the home miserable. Allergens, like pet dander and pollen can accumulate within the carpet fibers too. Walking across the carpet and vacuuming will release these items into the air and make life miserable for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory disorders.

Viruses and bacteria live in carpeting too. Salmonella is repeatedly found in household carpeting and the Norovirus has been proven to be able to survive in carpeting for as long as a month. This virus is the one which causes the illness typically referred to as a stomach flu.

If you normally sit or lie down on your carpeting or allow infants or toddlers to play on the carpet, it is important to realize that a recent study showed that the average carpet in the United States is 7 times dirtier than a city sidewalk. If you would not want your newborn sleeping on a sidewalk, you do not want them on a dirty carpet either.

Regular carpet cleaning is important and a professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Olney MD is your best defense against the potential illnesses a dirty carpet can spread. It will help to eliminate the pounds (yes, pounds) of dirt which becomes trapped beneath the average carpet each year. It will make it safe for everyone to roll around on, prevent allergy problems and will make your carpets last longer and look more beautiful.

If you are concerned about the dangers your carpet could be hiding check out.  This Carpet Cleaning Service in Olney MD will make your carpet safer, make your home look and smell better and will give you a more complete and professional service than you can provide for yourself. Call them for a consultation today.

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