Protect Your Investment With Antique Rug Repair in New York City

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Antique rugs are beautiful. They should be considered an investment, as their value will increase with time just as most fine art does. Both Persian and Oriental rugs are hand-knotted wool, but Persian rugs are made in Iran with a thicker pile and deeper, richer colors while Oriental rugs are made in Asia with less thick pile and many different colors. Because it is an investment, an antique rug should be protected. Using an antique rug repair in New York City would be the best way to protect the investment.

Everyday care of an antique rug should be to vacuum the rug, but not the fringe. This is the most common type of fraying. Also, rotate the rug occasionally to keep foot traffic from wearing down any one part of the rug. Remember not to put any potted plants on the rug, because moisture from the plant can cause mold or rot. Other than this, should any problems arise contact a professional.

Antique rug repair and cleaning services such as The Golden Horn can keep that Oriental or Persian rug looking like new. Since these rugs are made from wool, special cleaning and repair services will know how to remove stains, repair frayed or missing fringes and rebind when necessary, without causing shrinkage or color bleeds. Should there be accidental snags, they can take care of reweaving as well. High traffic areas will have fading or stains. Let the rug service take care of bringing back the original colors.

If you experience fire, smoke or water damage, don’t get rid of the rug. Antique rug repair in New York City can remove these types of stains and odors. They can usually take care of larger reweaving if necessary. Even if moths manage to eat holes in the rug, the professionals can take care of that as well. The cost for these repairs is much lower than replacing such a priceless work of art. Contact a professional if you should need to move or store the rug. They can move or store it, protecting it from damage or fading.

Purchasing a beautiful piece of art like an Oriental or Persian rug is an investment and should be protected. Research and find a good antique rug cleaning and repair service to keep that work of art looking fantastic. You will get many years of enjoyment from your rug if you do.

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