Property Managers Provide Services that Increase Your Property Value

by | Nov 22, 2012 | Business And Finance

Providing superior rental property maintenance is essential if you want to keep the value of your investment up to par and to appreciate with time. Broken fixtures or poor maintenance can devalue property and make your investment a financial sinkhole, but is all too common when landlords overinvest in a property but do not have the means to provide sufficient maintenance and repairs.

Devalued property leads to the necessity of lower cash flow and poorer quality tenants, and that can incite a whole chain of consequences you definitely do not want, including the necessity of absorbing the cost of long vacancy periods. Some landlords find themselves mired to the degree that they can no longer afford the mortgage on the property, and their investment leads to foreclosure.

Many landlords find sufficient recourse by hiring a management company that provides rental property maintenance as part of their contract. This leaves the landlord free from having to worry about such issues herself. Preventive maintenance also reduces costs and keeps property fixtures from breaking down, ensuring longer longevity and value.

Moreover, rental property maintenance and repairs contracted through a management company usually means lower costs due to the fact that such companies can often get significant discounts on volume. Many companies hire their own staff to do a lot of the work – from mowing lawns to handy work, and can use other vendors at discount prices due to volume deals. This often works out to be a vast reduction in costs compared to hiring a repairman or specialist from the yellow pages. Moreover, management companies have the experience to understand maintenance and repair issues readily, when many landlords have to play it more by ear, which is inefficient and can also add to costs.

One of the corollary benefits of hiring a management company that takes care of maintenance and repair issues is that managers often have systems in operation to catch issues when they are small and before they grow into big problems. Through regular inspections and evaluations, you don’t have to worry about the degradation of property value and can attend to other things. In fact, when a manager implements regular preventive maintenance and quick repairs the value of your property will likely increase. This will attract better, happier tenants who will stay for longer periods of time. Such factors contribute significantly to the appreciation of your property over time, which means that your investment will mature appropriately and you will be able to yield the results when the time comes.

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