Proper Selection and Care of Hair Extensions

by | May 3, 2014 | Beauty

Hair extensions can give women the opportunity to experience longer hair styles while they wait for their hair to grow out as well as thicken the appearance of thin hair. They can be a great fashion look, but they can damage hair and be unpleasant if not handled or taken care of properly.

Professionally installed hair extensions will look better and stay in place better than clip-on styles applied at home. Since it is possible to cause damage to hair if extensions are tightened too much, it is important to schedule your appointment with someone who has experience in their application.

Get the best quality extensions you can afford. Most stylists are in agreement that Remy extensions are the ones to choose. These extensions are all taken from one donor and each hair is individually selected so only the best hairs are chosen.

Once your extensions are in, follow each of the instructions your stylist gives you for care. Some important reminders are to not attempt to bleach or perm your extensions. Also remember to only use styling products that are alcohol free and choose only hydrating shampoo and conditioners.

What you do to protect your hair while you sleep does matter. Some stylists believe the hair should be covered with special caps or loosely braided to keep the hair safe. It may take a night or two to adjust to the feeling of the extensions, which is normal. But pain or discomfort continuously may mean your extensions are woven too tight. You should make another appointment to have them checked and adjusted before your hair is permanently damaged.

Hair Extensions in Denver are best when they are done at Veda Salon and Spa. All of their stylists have been specially trained to match extensions to natural hair color and install them correctly. They promise your hair will look thick, natural and beautiful. They offer extensions for any length or style of hair and offer both human and synthetic extensions.

There are multiple Veda locations. You can find out more about the company, the services they offer and book an appointment by going online to. Get a massage, enjoy a manicure or get the most professional and natural looking Hair Extensions in Denver.

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