Professional Heavy Trailer Sales in San Antonio

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The trucking industry understands that the wear and tear of driving an 18 wheeler is inevitable and is ongoing. Driving a large vehicle, like an 18 wheeler, and adding more weight to it, by attaching a trailer along with its load, can add even more damage to the vehicle. Because each load is entrusted by a third-party company to the owner of the vehicle transporting it, the truck and its parts should always be reliable. Therefore, proper maintenance of the vehicle and its parts should be performed frequently to always remain up-to-date. The repairs and maintenance should only be performed by an industry trusted repair company that stands behind their work. The company should have repeat customers and should offer various services to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

At trump equipment company, listed online at, the trailer repair professionals have over two decades of learned expertise. The companies that bring in their truck or trailer repair needs are repeat customers that eagerly refer other companies as well. The repair craftsmanship and parts availability is always can always be relied upon. The company also prides itself in only utilizing American made parts. The service bays can accompany many vehicles at a time in all sizes and weight capacities. The payment arrangements are flexible and there are many credit options available to assist with a new purchase or repair.

In addition to repairs and part sales, Trump Equipment also specializes in trailer sales in San Antonio. Despite being one of the leading transportation repair companies in the region, it is also one of the largest transportation sales companies. You can find new and used: trailers sales in San Antonio, parts, trucks and accessories. Some of the available specialized trailers most sought after by the customers include: oil trailers, dump trailers, crude trailers, vacuum trailers, end dumps, bottoms dumps and beaver trailers. Live demonstrations and test drives of the trucks or trailers are allowed. The certified employees are also qualified to perform various services such as installation of: vacuum pumps, blowers, fifth wheels, lift gates and tarps. Each service and part may also be backed with an optional warranty.

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